FPMIPA Mail Service

by: Depilkom UPI    04/11/2020 09:34:04

FPMIPA accepts the letter service needs of students. For students who need the letter service, please fill in the following form.

https://forms.gle/83MtnzYtDfitaEZD8 Active Parental Allowance Tuition

https://forms.gle/GnaVHbYwZ3V2WSjg8 PLA

https://forms.gle/ZBKE4bjqEkFpoH2N6 BPJS

https://forms.gle/exgwrVJtybLk5BBJ7 Research

https://forms.gle/dM513nGSDi9BPWu68 Observation

https://forms.gle/Gxh88LH2CSCMLze96 Active Tuition Scholarship

https://forms.gle/uE8o2r9dhb9xe98o7 Active Lecture Contest and Other Student Affairs

For information, please contact the Akmawa FPMIPA UPI Call Center at 0813-8002-5009