History of Computer Science Education Department

The Computer Science Education Department (CSE Dept.) which is part of the Mathematics and Natural Sciences Faculty (FPMIPA) Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI) was established in 2005. At first, this department was only a Computer Science Program (CS). However, since 2015 CS has officially become a new department named the Department of Computer Science Education. This department consists of two study programs, namely Computer Science Program and Computer Science Education Program. The degree obtained for graduates of the Computer Science Program is Bachelor of Computer Science (S.Kom.) while the degree of Computer Science Education Study Program is Bachelor of Education (S.Pd.) with teacher certificate to teach ICT at junior school and high school.  

The graduates of the Computer Science Program are expected to be:

"Bachelor of Computer Science who has a strong ability in innovate, analyze, design, and implement IT systems (as a developer, not as a user)."

Meanwhile, the graduates of the Computer Science Education Study Program are expected to be:

"ICT (Information and Communication Technology) teacher in junior high school, high school, and vocational school who is competent, has skills in technology and computer science, as well as mastering pedagogy and teaching techniques."

This is aligned with the main vision of UPI's academic unit which can provide graduates who are leading, competitive, and able to develop sustainably.

Since 2009, both study programs have delivered graduates with more than 92% who be employees for less than 5 months after graduation. Besides, there are few graduates who have worked before graduation. Both study programs are supported by quality student intakes. Computer Science Education and Computer Science are two study programs with the highest strict level of entry from all of the programs in UPI during 2009. The lecturers come from the fields of education as well as computer science/informatics or even a combination of both. At present, there are 28 permanent lecturers and still increasing.

The facilities of the department of computer science are laboratories of the Computer Science Education Department at FPMIPA-C Building (Computer Science Building) which is equipped with CCTV and hotspots. There are eleven computer laboratories in this building, those are two basic labs and nine specialist labs. Other facilities provided by the university are the library, Islamic Study Center, polyclinic, sports stadium, swimming pool, and others.

Besides attending class, students can active to join the organization department such as KEMAKOM (Computer Student Family) which has various activities, including DINAMIK as an annual activity to celebrate the anniversary of CSE Dep. Also, students can choose the appropriate units at UPI like sports, arts, or religion