Many facilities can be used by Computer Science Education Department students. The campus has provided facilities that can be used by the students including:

  1. UPI Swimming Pool

Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia provides a swimming pool that can be used by many people, UPI students if they want to swim in the UPI swimming pool are charged Rp. 5,000 for weekdays and Rp. 10,000 for the weekend. This swimming pool can also be accessed by the public, but the ticket price is difference, namely Rp. 10,000 for weekdays and Rp. 20,000 for the weekend. The swimming pool itself is open from 08.00 WIB to 15.30 WIB.



  1. Outdoor Tennis Court

In addition to the swimming pool, UPI also provides an outdoor tennis court. This field is usually used by the Sports and Health Education Faculty students. In addition, this field is also used to practice softball and baseball for children and students who are members of campus clubs or SMEs.

  1. Al-Furqon Mosque

Al-Furqon Mosque is one of the icons owned by the Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia. Al-Furqon is often used for religious activities carried out by UPI students and lecturers. This mosque is also open to the public, so this mosque is also often used for the 5 daily together prayers and Friday prayers.

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  1. Gymnasium

The gymnasium is one of the grandest sports venues (GOR) in Bandung. The gymnasium itself is often used by the Sports and Health Education Faculty students. In addition, the Gymnasium is also often used for student activities such as MOKAKU-UPI and Graduation ceremony.

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  1. UPI-Net

As the name implies, UPI-Net is a place where there are lots of computers that can be used by students to do assignments or to browse to find ideas and help students lecture. To be able to use the computers on UPI-Net, students must have a SIAKKu account.

  1. Polyclinic

Polyclinic is a place provided by UPI to provide health services to academicians. To get treatment at the Polyclinic, students only need to carry a photocopy of their KTM to get free medical expenses from the Polyclinic. The polyclinic can also be used by the local community.

From the Computer Science Education Department itself, facilities that can be used by the students include WI-FI access which is spread out in FPMIPA-A, FPMIPA-B, and FPMIPA-C Buildings. In addition to WI-FI access. There are also various laboratories scattered in the FPMIPA-C Building, including:

1. Software Engineering Laboratory

2. Artificial Intelligence, Control, and Robotic Laboratory

3. Multimedia and Design Laboratory

4. Computer Technique and Network System Laboratory

5. Big Data Analysis Laboratory

6. Information System Laboratory

7. Microteaching Laboratory

8. Mathematic, Informatic, and Electronic Laboratory

9. Practicum Laboratory

10. General Laboratory