FPMIPA Facilities

Smart Classroom

Smart Classroom, a modern classroom with digital infrastructure to facilitate learning activities, both in-person and remotely. The features in this smart classroom include touch screen whiteboards, learning activity devices, broadcasting, video conferencing systems, and other digital features.

Botanical Garden

Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI) is the only university in Bandung City with a Botanical Garden as a miniature forest on campus.
UPI's botanical garden is arranged as a miniature tropical forest integrated with parks and experimental gardens containing various species of flora typical of Indonesia, especially West Java and several types of animals from various regions in Indonesia.


JICA FPMIPA UPI Auditorium is located on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the West FPMIPA A building. Many activities can be carried out at the JICA FPMIPA A Auditorium, such as public lectures, seminars, conferences, and workshops. Events in the Auditorium can be local, national, or international.

Chemistry Laboratory

A chemical laboratory is a place to conduct experiments or research. This laboratory facilitates students with various kinds of equipment for the needs of chemical experiments, such as measuring cups, compounds, combustion tools, etc.

The Earth and Space Laboratory

The Earth and Space Laboratory provides various earth and space facilities such as globes, binoculars, telescopes, compasses, balances, etc.

Biology Laboratory

The Biology Laboratory consists of Lab. Plant Structure, Lab. 
Ecology, Lab. Physiology, Lab. Animal Structure, Lab. Microbiology, Lab. Research, Lab. PBM, Lab. Botany / Botanical Gardens. The laboratory is equipped with various analytical tools both for the laboratory and in the field to support the lecture process.

Prayer Room

The FPMIPA Building Mosque  is located on the 1st floor. A shoe rack is neatly arranged so that students who want to pray can store their shoes on the shelf. Furthermore, there are ablution areas for men and women which are placed separately.

FPMIPA A Classroom

In the FPMIPA A building, there are various classrooms of different sizes and capacities. Each class is equipped with various facilities, which can support the creation of a conducive and fun classroom atmosphere. So that teaching and learning activities can be carried out properly.

Academic Service Office

Every visitor who needs academic services can come to the educational service room to be directed according to their needs. Furthermore, there is room for educators or a lecturer's room. This room is located on the 1st floor which is made as comfortable as possible to make it easier for lecturers to complete their projects.


In Mading (Wall Magazine) , there are announcements of activities, articles made by students, announcements of outstanding students, information on competitions, photos of faculty activities, documentation of each association, and much more. This Mading is very useful for students because any information can be submitted in writing. This Mading is also placed in a strategic place that can be reached by all students and lecturers.

Student Corner and Showroom

The Student Corner, commonly called the Student Corner, maybe a favorite place for some students because they can use it for various activities, both academic and non-academic.

Faculty Meeting Room

The Faculty Meeting Room is located on the 2nd floor of the FPMIPA-A building.
This room has capacity of 30-50 people in a circle, equipped with a projector, sound system, and air conditioning.
This room is usually used for meetings of lecturers, faculty leaders, partners (namely from industry, schools, or other outside parties) and also other important things related to the interests of study programs, departments, and faculties.


Dean Office

The workroom of the dean of FPMIPA UPI is a room where the dean and vice dean of FPMIPA do their daily work. In this room, the dean and his deputy and the assistant dean's staff carry out their daily tasks such as faculty leadership meetings, faculty administration work and functions as a break room for the dean and his deputy.

FPMIPA Parking

JICA parking lot is a complementary facility of the JICA FPMIPA UPI building. There are two parking zones in the JICA building. Each zone can accommodate up to approximately 20 cars. So, in total, this parking lot can accommodate up to approximately 40 cars.

FPMIPA Water Treatment

The mechanical room or commonly known as JICA waste treatment which is located in the FPMIPA A building, is where the waste treatment process takes place within the Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, which consists of gas pipes, tubes, drums, NaOH tanks, and HCL tanks, and a section for monitoring the continuity of the waste treatment process.

FPMIPA Canteen

The cafeteria is a place to sell food and drinks provided by each faculty at the Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia. The cafeteria is here to meet the needs of the academic community at FPMIPA, the food or drinks provided are also quite diverse with relatively affordable prices.

FPMIPA Building

FPMIPA UPI is one of the faculties that has 3 buildings. The FPMIPA A Building, commonly referred to as the JICA Building, resulted from a collaboration with the Japanese government at that time. FPMIPA B building is the second building after the main building. The FPMIPA C building is the third building formerly known as GIK or the Computer Science Building.

Mechanical and Glass Workshop Room

The FPMIPA JICA UPI mechanical and glass workshop room is a room that facilitates all things related to mechanics. Equipped with various tools for the needs of the workshop in terms of mechanical machinery.

Disability Facilities

At FPMIPA A Building, there are facilities to help people with disabilities. FPMIPA A always provides facilities to facilitate visitors, lecturers, and students of Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia.