National Admission

The following are the components of UPI National Registration :

  1. Bachelor National Registration
  2. Magister National Registration

Bachelor National Registration

Admissions of new students must meet the principles of credibility, fairness, transparency, flexibility, efficiency, and accountability, and non-discrimination. Higher education institutions as education providers accept prospective students with high academic achievements who are predicted tobe able tocomplete their studies on time. For this reason, the admission of new students at UPI is carried out by following the rules set by the Directorate General of Higher Education, the Ministry of Education and Culture as well as the applicable regulations at UPI. Admission of new students is carried out through various selection channels, such as National Selection for State Universities (SNMPTN), Joint Selection for State Universities (SBMPTN), Independent Selection of Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (SM UPI), and Special Achievements. An explanation of the selection mechanism and its capacity can be seen in the description below:


    SNMPTN is achannel of new students’admissionheld nationally for undergraduate education programs. The SNMPTNselectionis carried out by means of academic achievements and portfolios (specifically for arts and sports) at the the secondary education level (SMA, MA, SMK). Data processing and organizing are carried out by the Higher Education Entrance Test Institution (LTMPT, LTMPT is the only standard university test provider in Indonesia. Information regarding requirements, selection stages, registration procedures, and schedules, and capacity are available at


    SBMPTN is achannel of new student’sadmissionfor undergraduate education programs carried out jointly with other state universities through Computer-Based Written Examinations (UTBK) and portfolios in arts and sports (specifically for arts and sports). This selectionisheld by LTMPT. Information regarding general provisions, prerequisites, and registration stages, portfolios on SBMPTN registration, UTBK fees, schedules, and capacity are available at

  3. SM UPI

    SM UPI (available at new student admissions held independently through the following channels:

    1. UPI Independent Selection (SM UPI) is the selection to recruit new studentsof Diploma 3 and Bachelor program designed separately by UPI. Prospective students for the dual-mode program and the Second Bachelor program are specifically selected through a portfolio assessment.

    2. The cooperation channel coordinated by the Directorate of Education together with the Business Management and Development Agency (BPPU) as the manager of the cooperation. Collaboration can be carried out with the central government and local governments, whose terms and mechanisms for admitting prospective students are determined by a Rector's decision.

    3. Special Achievement (PI UPI) channel to recruit prospectivenew undergraduate students designed separately by UPI. Selection through the PI UPI route aims to reward students who have special achievements shown through monumental works of art or technology or academic and non-academic achievements at national and international competitions so that they get recognition from thepublic. UPI PI pathwayis designed toincrease thecompetitiveexcellence and achievement of UPI studentsin the future at the national and international levels.

The number of student capacity in 2016 –2021 according to various selection channels in Study Program Computer Science and Computer Science Education can be seen in the table below. It can be seen that in total we always attempt to maintain the number of students. Moreover, the number of students via SBMPTN usually have higher capacity.

The Student Capacity of Cluster of Formal Science Study Program
Study Program Capacity in 2016 Capacity in 2017 Capacity in 2018 Capacity in 2019 Capacity in 2020 Capacity in 2021
Computer Science Education 30 18 18 66 14 18 16 48 36 34 20 90 27 41 22 90 30 41 19 90 30 41 19 90
Computer Science 30 18 18 66 14 18 16 48 16 14 10 40 27 41 22 90 31 41 18 90 31 41 18 90




C: SM/ Special Achievements

T: Total

Magister National Registrasion

Penerimaan Mahasiswa Baru Pascasarjana (PMBP) of Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia is conducted through a selection test that aims to obtain potential and superior prospective students. This prospective student is expected to be a qualified input and in the educational process through which he will produce Masters and doctorates in education, education disciplines, and other sciences in accordance with the chosen field that is also qualified. The resulting graduates are expected to (1). Master the concept, have a broad insight in their field, and have a personality and competitiveness that can be displayed at the national and international level; (2). Produce quality research works and published nationally and internationally; (3). Produce works of community service that make a real contribution to the community; (4). Increase program capacity and academic reputation at national and international levels; and (5). Improving management capacity and resources that support an environment of quality education, research, and community service. The information regarding the provisions, requirements, and test mechanisms can be seen in the description below.

  1. Terms of Registration
    1. Participant may apply for two study program options offered in a particular educational program;
    2. Registration is only done online on the page
    3. The registration and selection fee for the Master Program (S2) is 750,000 IDR,- (seven hundred and fifty thousand rupiah) for each participant;
  2. Registration Procedure

    Image of Magister Registration Procedure

  3. Registration Condition
    1. Academic Condition
      • Bachelor's Degree (S1) or its equivalent from an accredited Study Program and/or College with a Grade Point Average (GPA) of at least 2.75 in the assessment range of 0.00-4.00 or equivalent.
    2. Administration Condition
      1. Fill registration form
      2. Upload a document in the form of a soft file (in format .pdf) in the form of:
        1. Photocopy of diploma and latest educational transcripts (for S3 photocopies of diplomas and transcripts of S1 and S2) that have been legalized;
        2. Assignment statement/permission from the employer's place of work for those who are already working;
        3. Research plan to be carried out (only for S3); and
        4. Two colored photographs, size 4 x 6.
      3. Recommendation Letter, which can be filled through the page by the Recommender. The Recommendation Letter Filling Form will be sent via email to the Recommender.
  4. Selection Test Mechanism
    1. Academic Potential Test
    2. English Test
    3. Interview
  5. Certain Conditions
    • Prospective students who have attended a course in the UPI postgraduate study program and due to the end of the study period, declare resignation or declared drop out by the University, can only re-apply to another different study program, provided that all courses that have been obtained are not recognized.