Computer Science Education Students Successfully Become the Best Graduates of the FPMIPA Faculty in Graduation Phase III 2023

by: Depilkom UPI    18/10/2023 14:00:00

Dwi Fitria Al Husaeni had mixed feelings at her bachelor’s degree graduation at the Indonesian University of Education. These mixed feelings were caused by him being the best undergraduate graduate at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Education (FPMIPA) with a cumulative achievement index (GPA) of 3.96. When the MC announced this, the room where the graduation ceremony took place on Tuesday (10/10/2023), namely the UPI Gymnasium, Bumi Siliwangi Campus, roared. Dwi said “I didn’t expect to be the best graduate because all of my competitors in the FPMIPA faculty were ambitious.” Apart from that, he also received awards in two categories at the graduation celebration for the Family of Computer Students (KEMAKOM) graduates of the computer science education study program with the highest GPA and outstanding students of the computer science and computer science education study program, FPMIPA, UPI.
Starting to study at UPI in 2019, the student who is familiarly called dwi admitted that she had a little difficulty in managing her time between academic studies, organizations and scholarships. “The most difficult thing is time management, how do you ensure that no tasks are neglected, especially during the Covid era, we really have to prepare everything ourselves.” At that time, he had a little difficulty adjusting. However, Dwi did not lose his determination to continue gaining knowledge.
While studying at UPI, Dwi felt that she received a supportive environment to continue developing herself. The lecturers in computer science education were very helpful in the journey. “The study program always facilitates academic needs, and the lecturers are very supportive when there are academic activities such as competitions. “They are willing to guide and provide supporting facilities,” said this 22 year old girl.

Achieving in the academic field does not make Dwi a passive student in non-academic activities. While studying, Dwi was active in the organization of the Computer Student Family Student Representative Council (DPM KEMAKOM) with his last position as Secretary. Not only that, he also succeeded in becoming a recipient of a Bank Indonesia (GenBI) scholarship in semesters 4 to 7.
His love for the world of research and publication has also led him to obtain many written works. Together with the research team supervised by Prof. Dr. Eng. Asep Bayu Dani Nandiyanto, S.T., M.Eng., Dwi succeeded in publishing 61 articles indexed by Google Scholar with 914 citations and 27 articles indexed by Scopus with 375 citations, 4 books have ISBNs and have 3 IPRs.