Computer Science Education Student Secures 2nd Place as Jajaka of Kabupaten Bandung 2023

by: Depilkom UPI    03/12/2023 08:00:00

Andika Putra Ksatria, a student majoring in Computer Science Education at the Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, achieved the remarkable feat of securing the 2nd place in the Pasanggiri Mojang Jajaka Kabupaten Bandung competition. The event took place on November 19, 2023, at the Soreang Culture building.

Even though he has no background in tourism, Andika approached this competition with extraordinary enthusiasm. His drive to contribute to the field of tourism, particularly in his hometown of Pangalengan, was his main motivation. The experience of interacting with foreign students who wanted to know more about Bandung tourism was also one of the main reasons for his participation.

Figure 1. Andika Putra Ksatria auditioning for Mojang Jajaka Pasanggiri Kabupaten Bandung 2023.

Throughout the competition, Andika faced major challenges. He had to understand tourism theories without having a background in the field. However, his unwavering spirit and competitive mindset helped him overcome all obstacles. His 2nd place win was unexpected for him. Despite coming from a different background to the other participants, Andika feels very grateful and proud of this achievement. “Securing the 2nd place was truly unexpected for me. I don’t come from a tourism background like most other participants. However, this opportunity fills me with gratitude and pride because being a Jajaka Kabupaten Bandung signifies becoming an ambassador for Bandung’s tourism,” expressed Andika.

Figure 2. Andika was chosen as Jajaka Wakil 1 Kabupaten Bandung 2023

As a Jajaka for Kabupaten Bandung, Andika has high hopes to be a role model who contributes to the development of tourism, especially in Pangalengan and the entire Kabupaten Bandung. His message to the youth of Kabupaten Bandung, particularly his fellow Computer Science Education peers at UPI, is to not confine themselves to one field. “Don’t limit yourself to just one field. We can explore our potential in other areas, even integrating them with our existing expertise. Broaden your horizons because every piece of knowledge will be useful someday,” said Andika.

His inspiring spirit can motivate the younger generation, especially Computer Science and Computer Science Education students, to take part in other fields of interest, proving that success knows no boundaries. This can also be an inspiration for the academic community to be more open to cross-disciplinary cooperation, inspiring the spirit of innovation and collaboration within the Computer Science and Computer Science Education Study Programmes with various fields of study at UPI.

Figure 3. Appreciation from the Computer Science Education Study Programme to Andika

Congratulations to Andika Putra Ksatria, hopefully the achievements obtained can be an encouragement to continue excelling.


Writers: Dicki Fathurohman