Platinum 2020 : Secure Your Digital Life

by: Depilkom UPI    31/10/2020 05:07:36

In a pandemic like this, we are required to adapt to all-digital technology to reduce physical contact with other people. The interactions we carry out through digital media pose a security risk to personal data. Many incidents regarding the breach of confidential personal data which resulted in material loss.

Everyone has the risk of becoming a victim of cyber attack crimes (cyber attacks) anytime and anywhere while connected to the digital world (internet). To reduce the risk of being exposed to cyber attacks, we should have an understanding of how cyber attacks can occur and what data is the target of cyber attack crimes.

One understanding of cyber-attack crimes is to take preventive measures to reduce the risk of cyber attacks long before they occur. And if we have become victims of cyber attacks, then at least we have the understanding and skills to recover data and take protective steps so as not to experience greater losses as the principle of “Prevention is better than cure.”

For this reason, the Education and Training Division (Divdiklat) of BEM Kemakom held a Training for Public (Platinum) work program to provide an overview of cybersecurity, provide an understanding of the importance of cybersecurity awareness, and provide simple training in securing personal data.

Platinum 2020 was held in the form of a Webinar with the title “Secure Your Digital Life” and was filled by two presenters, namely Bramandityo Prabowo (Infrastructure Engineer, Alumni of Computer Science 2011) with the topic of Cyber ​​Security and Antonio Andre (Information Security Engineer at DANA Indonesia) with the topic of Data Protection Personal and Privacy.

This webinar will be held on:
date: Sunday, November 1, 2020
time: 13.00 WIB
platform: Zoom & Live YouTube BEM Kemakom