Closing Ceremony Dinamik 15

by: Depilkom UPI    23/11/2020 00:08:30

A series of the 15th Dies Natalies Ilmu Komputer (Dinamik) events ended with a Closing Ceremony on Sunday, November 14, 2020.

Beginning with a speech from the head of Depilkom, represented by the Head of the Computer Science Study Program, Dr. Rani Megasari, S.Kom., M.T., followed by a flashback recording of a series of Dynamic events to the long-awaited agenda, the announcement of the winner of the competition.

The first announcement was the winner of the poster competition which was read by Dr. Rani Megasari. The registrants for this poster competition totaled 56 participants and produced three champions. The 3rd place was won by the Jandela Sakola Team of SMK Negeri 2 Cimahi, with the theme “Hologram Visualize Your Future”, 2nd place was won by Muslim Imanul Ihsan with the theme “Artificial Intelligence For A Better Future”, and 1st place was won by SMK Pas1 with the theme ” New Era Technology Descripsi “.

The next announcement was the winner of the Innovation Writing Contest which was read by Rosa Ariani Sukamto, M.T. as representatives of the jury and lecturers of Depilkom. Ghost Hunter Team won 3rd place with the title “Alternative E-Class for Online Learning Media”, 2nd Winner was won by the No Limit Innovation Team with the title “NOFCATION Application (Online Offline Education)”, and 1st Winner was won by the Team with the title “EDUTIVID (Anti Covid Education) Application.

The third announcement was the winner of the Animation Contest which was read by the Chief Executive of Dinamik 15, Alannuary Banjarnahor. 3rd place in this animation competition was won by the Light Saber Team from SMKN 2 Cimahi with an animation entitled “Ever Glow”. 2nd place was won by Team Pemboet63 (SMK Pembangunan) with the title “Change Habit Change Future”. 1st place was won by The Keyframed Team (SMKN 1 Purwakarta) with the animated title “Short Life Stories”.

The last announcement was the announcement of the Web Development competition which was read by the Chairperson of the Computer Science Student Family Student Executive Board (BEM Kemakom), Ervin Dwi Kurniawan. 3rd place for WebDev was won by the Codex Team from SMK TI Garuda Nusantara Cimahi. The 2nd winner was won by the ICS38 Team from SMK Informatika Sumedang. 1st place was won by the Orbit Team from SMK Negeri 4 Bandung. In this WebDev competition, there was also the Favorite Champion won by the JDZ_TIP Team from SMK TI Pembangunan Cimahi IT.

After the agenda of announcing the winners of the competition, there is a music performance by Ilkom Voice which will then be the end of the Closing Ceremony and the whole series of Dinamik 15 events. Happy 15th Anniversary of the Department of Computer Science Education, hopefully it can continue to produce proud sons and daughters, especially in the fields of technology and education.

Dinamik 15 Closing Ceremony event can be watched via live streaming recordings at the following link.

Live Streaming of Dinamik 15 Closing Ceremony