Gemastik Talk 2 : All About Gemastik

by: Depilkom UPI    01/09/2020 22:38:12

Wednesday, September 2, 2020, the Gemastik Talk 2 event with the theme “Gemastik 101: All About Gemastik” was held. The event was held using the Zoom video conference platform and broadcasted live on BEM Kemakom’s YouTube. The event began at 08.15 which was opened with prayers by the representative of BEM Kemakom, Ghifary Daffa Pradana. After that, followed by welcome speech delivered by the Head of BEM Kemakom, Ervin Dwi Kurniawan and the Head of the Department of Computer Science Education, Lala Septem Riza.

This event brought in three experienced speakers related to the National Student Performance in Information and Communication Technology (GEMASTIK) which has been held for more than a decade. The speakers were Ade Ismail Isnan (2010 Computer Science Alumni), Rosa Ariani Sukamto (Lecturer at the Department of Computer Science Education), and Rahman Abdul Razak (Computer Science Alumni 2015).

The first presentation by Ade Ismail discussed the journey of his competition in the field of Network Security which passed to the final stage. He conveyed some tips for students who are participants of this year’s gemastik, they must maximize their preparation to be able to give their best work. According to him, several things that can become strengths are teamwork, time management, and high commitment.

The second presentation was given by Rosa Ariani. She gave tips to the participants in the competition to prepare the work proposal correctly, including getting to know the backgrounds of the judges, then analyzing the possible assessments given, determining the scope of the problem relevant to current conditions, and a realistic concept of work for implementation.

The third presentation was given by Rahman Abdul regarding the concept of Design Thinking which has a big influence in preparing works in competitions, especially in the fields of User Experience, Software Development, and others. According to him, one aspect that is quite important to pay attention when participating in the competition is conducting a continuous process of guidance and revision with lecturers. This is one of the efforts that become a strength to create the best work.

Through this event, it is hoped that the participants will be better prepared to work in the national Gemastik event. With high commitment and continuous synergy between department heads, lecturers, and students, we hope Depilkom can win again this year.

Click the link below to watch the live streaming recording of Gemastik Talk 2.

Gemastik 101 : All About Gemastik