Kemakom Goes To School 2020

by: Depilkom UPI    23/08/2020 06:50:25

On August 12th, 2020, the Education and Training Division of Kemakom held its annual activity called Kemakom Goes To School (KGTS) with the theme “Plan Your Future to Gain Your Treasure”. This year, the event has been held for 3 days starting from 12 to 14 August 2020. KGTS is held online through a zoom video conference aimed at high school / vocational high school students in Bandung and its surroundings. This year, there are 3 schools that take part in the KGTS activity, namely SMKN 13 Bandung, SMKN 5 Sumedang, and SMKN 1 Cilegon.

Figure 1. Kegiatan Kemakom Goes To School 2020

Even though it was carried out online, the event continued to run smoothly and received good responses from many related parties. This year, DIVDIKLAT invited 3 great people as presenters, including Alfian Imanuddin (Part of Gojek Designer Team) as the speaker for the first day with a theme regarding User Interface Design. On the second day, there was a presentation from Afnizar Nur Ghifary who is a UX Designer at BukaLapak and discussed User Experience Design. Then, on the third day, the material about animation was delivered by Irvan SP, S.St, M.ds. He is the Deputy of Media Relations at AINAKI and also a Lecturer in the Department of Visual Communication Design (DKV) at UPI.

Figure 2. Alfian Imanuddin explanation regarding User Interface Design


Figure 3. Presentation from Afnizar Nur Ghifary regarding User Experience Design


Figure 4. Presentation from Irvan SP, S.ST, M.ds. about Animation

Even though the pandemic caused this year’s KGTS event to be held online, the event was filled with enthusiasm from the participants, shown by the eagerness in asking questions about their areas of interest. In addition, the speakers not only provide and explain the material, but they also share their experiences, insights, and some explanations such as what majors are suitable for mastering the material, the use of software or other supporting devices, job prospects, and so on. This event is expected to add insight and to motivate the High school students to continue to achieve their goals. To see a summary of the excitement of Kemakom Goes To School 2020, the committee made a clip that can be watched at the following link