Opening Ceremony Dinamik 15

by: Depilkom UPI    19/11/2020 08:49:53

Thursday, November 12, 2020, the 15th Anniversary of Computer Science (Dinamik) Opening Ceremony was held online through the Zoom platform and broadcast live on the BEM Kemakom youtube channel. This event was attended by lecturers and the leaders of the Department of Computer Science Education, competition participants and supervisors, as well as the Vice Dean for Student Affairs, Dr. Dadi Rusdiana, M.Si.

The event began with the recitation of the holy Al-Quran followed by remarks from the Chief Executive of Alannuary Banjarnahor, Deputy Chairman of BEM Kemakom Musa Misbahuddin, Chair of the Department of Computer Science Education Dr. Lala Septem Riza, M.T., and remarks from Dr. Dadi Rusdiana, M.Sc., who also opened a series of core activities for Dinamik 15 which will take place over the next four days.

A series of core events for Dynamics 15 includes a National Seminar which is held on the same day as the Opening Ceremony, the final round of the competition which lasts for two days, then closes by the Closing Ceremony as well as the announcement of the winners of each competition event held.

Even though it was held online for the first time in pandemic conditions, it did not necessarily dampen the enthusiasm of the contestants to take part in this annual Depilkom event. Likewise the dedication of the committees who have tried their best in preparing for the event for a long time.

Live streaming recording of the Opening Ceremony of Dynamic 15 can be watched at the following link.

Opening Ceremony Dinamik 15