Article Contest: Halal Bihalal

by: Depilkom UPI    30/05/2021 18:56:32

In the context of the Computer Science Education Department’s Halal Bihalal activity which was held on May 28, 2021. The Computer Science Education Department invites all Computer Science Education Department students to make a work in the form of a series of narratives that are published into an article.

The terms and criteria for articles sent are as follows:

• Article topic: Halal Bihalal activities, Department of Computer Science Education.

• Articles are original works.

• Contains 5W + 1H.

• Resume of Event Content.

• Interesting to read.

• Documentation of activities can be downloaded via

Submit your best work via before June 6, 2021. Selected articles will be published on the website and are entitled to a certificate and cash worth IDR 100,000.