Ceremony Officer of the Department of Computer Science Education

by: Depilkom UPI    17/02/2020 01:56:25

February 17, 2020 was a very special moment for the Department of Computer Science Education (Indonesian: Departemen Pendidikan Ilmu Komputer / Depilkom), because the team of professors and senior lecturers became monthly routine ceremony officers at FPMIPA UPI.


Two professors were recorded namely Prof. Munir, M.IT. and Prof. Wawan Setiawan, M.Kom. and also Dr. Asep Wahyudin became a Red and White flag-raising officer. Not to forget also the head of Department Dr. Lala Septem Riza as the ceremony leader.

In another corner there is also Mr. Heri Sutarno, M.T., Mr. Dr. Enjang Ali Nurdin, M.Kom, Mr. Eka Fitrajaya M.T., Mr. Rasim, M.T., and Mrs. Dr. Rani Megasari as other supporting officers (the reader of the 1945 Constitution, reader of Prayers, reader of Pancasila, etc.). This event is very rare and is an example for future generations, in order to continue to uphold cohesiveness within the department.

The documentation of the flag ceremony can be seen at the following link : https://youtu.be/v6XRgLp-2XY

Congratulations to the FPMIPA Ceremony Officer. Keep moving forward for Depilkom (Rageris, 17/02/2020)