Computer Science Program is The Best Undergraduate Program in FPMIPA UPI

by: Depilkom UPI    03/02/2020 19:03:13

In this early 2020 year, the Computer Science Program gets a surprise from Decatan of Mathematics and Science Education Faculty Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (FPMIPA UPI), which is the best undergraduate program in FPMIPA UPI. This achievement is happiness that means a lot for all of the Computer Science Education Department. There are some criteria of the achievement, which is the number of publications, research grant/donation, and other indicators that are appropriate with renstra achievements/IKU faculty. Look from the Computer Science Program journey that was born in 2005, this is the first achievement.



Hopefully, with acceptance of this achievement, the Computer Science Program will be more leading and outstanding like the UPI motto. Let us come together to go ahead bring the young generation to become the hope of the nation. (Rageris, 04/02/2020)