Arunika, Won 3rd Place In the UI/UX Java Business Competition 2022.

by: Depilkom UPI    15/09/2022 13:30:00

The Arunika team consisting of Nadira Arevia Hermawan (Computer Science Education 2020), Andhika Putra Ksatria (Computer Science Education 2020), and Zahra Nur Hanifa (Computer Science Education 2019) with Andini Setya Arianti, S.Ds., M.Ds as supervisors won 3rd place in the UI/UX competition in the Java Business Competition 2022. The Java Business Competition itself is an annual competition organized by Telkom University. This year, the theme raised is “Creative Design Innovation through Digital Content to Increase Attractiveness in Society 5.0”.

Figure 1. The 2022 Java Business Competition UI/UX Competition Poster

Arunika made a Prototype Mobile App with the name Tenang. Tenang is a mobile-based application that provides consultation service features to psychologists through chat-call-video calls and reserve an offline consultation schedule. Another excellent feature is that there is a user story named Puhun which must be watered every day by the user, in a way, the user must complete the meditation task. With the Tenang application, it is hoped that the public can better maintain their mental health by consulting with the experts contained in the Tenang application.

Figure 2. Home View Application Calm

Arunika’s team won 3rd place after going through several fairly tight stages. Before entering the final stage, they had to fight first to compete with hundreds of other teams in order to get tickets to the final round. In the final stage, Nadira et al presented their application in front of the judges and other finalists. Thanks to the efforts and hard work shown by the Arunika Team, they won 3rd place and were entitled to a prize of Rp. 1,500,000.00 + E-Certificate and Trophy.

Figure 3. The Procession of Awarding the 3rd UI/UX Title to the Arunika Team

“Surprised and very grateful of course. Was pessimistic because we had to compete with hundreds of other teams whose work was also good. However, thanks to the effort, hard work, and teamwork of Arunika’s good and well-organized team, we were able to become 3rd champions in this competition. Then, I am grateful that I have a really cool mentor in guiding and giving ideas so that the Tenang application can be even better.” Zahra said when asked about his impression after participating in this UI/UX competition.

Figure 4. Appreciation from the Computer Science Education Study Program to Team Arunika

Congratulations to the Arunika Team, hopefully the achievements can be an encouragement to continue to excel.


Writers: Muhammad Cahya