the provision of assistance for replacing internet packages for UPI students and lecturers

by: Depilkom UPI    03/04/2020 20:08:05

  Source: Technology vector created by upklyak

Bandung, Friday (3/4/2020) - After the news of the extension of the COVID-19 emergency period which was set until May 2020, the Chancellor of Indonesia University of Education (Indonesian: Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia/UPI) issued a decree number 848 regarding the provision of assistance in the cost of replacing internet packages for students. This is certainly news that has been welcomed by various parties, especially students because during this emergency requires students to attend lectures online.

Previously, online teaching and learning activities were carried out by lecturers, either by simply assigning tasks uploaded to the e-learning platform, or face to face using a video conference application. This certainly costs a lot of money for students who rely on internet packages because they do not have Wi-Fi. With this assistance, it is hoped that it can ease the burden on students and help the process of lecture activities until the pandemic emergency period ends.

In addition to issuing a decree regarding the provision of assistance to replace internet packages for students, the Chancellor of the Indonesia University of Education also issued a decree number 847 regarding the same assistance for lecturers and education staff at UPI. This certainly helps the performance of educators who must carry out online teaching and learning activities.

The implementation of lectures that require an internet connection certainly costs a lot, especially if the lecturers have to use the video conference application. With this assistance, it is hoped that it can help the performance of lecturers and education staff in carrying out their duties of conveying knowledge to students.

Both Rector Decrees can be downloaded at  here.