Computer Science Education Department FPMIPA UPI Held Community Service Activities (P2M) at Pasanggrahan Village

by: CS -    22/02/2018 07:02:49

Lecturers and students participated in activities based on community service (P2M) in Pasanggrahan Village, Kasomalang District, Subang, West Java. This activity was carried out on January 15th-21st, 2018. This work program is intended as a forum to improve the quality of people’s lives in the aspects of technology, social, education, spirituality, and health with appropriate forms of direct contribution in an atmosphere of togetherness and intimacy between fellow lecturers and students Computer Science Education Department FPMIPA UPI and the local community.


(Message from Village Representatives and Socialization of Healthy Community Movement)

Community service activities are routinely carried out because it has fundamental meaning for the academic community to apply the knowledge gained directly to the community and is also one of the Tridharma of higher education. Pasanggrahan Village was chosen as a location for community service because the distance is not too far from Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, this is related to the continued program of community service, namely the Village of Development.


(Photo of Lecturers, Students, Teachers, and Residents of Pasanggrahan Village)

At a glance about Pasanggrahan Village, this village is quite advanced. The main road in the village is smooth with asphalt. The average citizen also uses motorized vehicles for mobilization in their daily activities. But the activities of residents in Pasanggrahan Village on the first day were not very visible. The most constraint is the unstable internet connection at the location of the inn. Then, the availability of water around the village houses is also very limited, even though Pasanggrahan Village is a water tourism area of the Masigit Curug and Cimincul Bathing Ponds.


(Atmosphere of Teaching and Learning Activities)

Lots of activities carried out in this community service, such as educational seminars for teachers with the theme “fun learning using the media”, teaching and learning activities in Madrasah Diniyah Al-Maksud, SD Pasanggrahan 1, 2, MI and MTs Nurul Huda, spiritual competition, smart quiz, building MCK facilities, as well as health counseling, public parties, and bazaars.


(Construction of MCK - Washing latrines)

“P2M is truly dedicated to the community, giving a lot of positive aspects to development in the village too. Especially for residents of RW 03 because of the construction of MCK. And this P2M gives enthusiasm to children in school, as well as insights for teachers by sharing the use of ICT in learning at the seminar yesterday, has provided new inspiration for us.” The opinion about P2M activities from the Head of Pasanggrahan Village, who is also the Principal of SDN Pasanggrahan 3.


(Quiz Competition and People’s Party)

This P2M activity left a warm side between lecturers, students, and the Pasanggrahan village community. It feels like you don’t want to leave this village. Hopefully, Pasanggrahan Village will be more advanced, and more prosperous. Also hopefully what we have done can be useful for Pasanggrahan village, and especially for ourselves. (Rahman)