Lecturers from Computer Science Education Department attended the 2022 APTIKOM

by: Depilkom UPI    11/12/2022 15:00:00

December 7, 2022 the VI National Conference (Munas) of the Association of Informatics and Computer Colleges (APTIKOM) was held in Sanur, Bali. This year’s APTIKOM National Conference carries the theme “Empowering Artificial Intelligence to Accelerate Digital Transformation in the Era of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 towards Society 5.0” and is attended by at least 800 participants from various universities in Indonesia. The APTIKOM VI National Conference is the venue for the election of the general chairman and secretary general and their inauguration for the 2022 – 2026 period.

Apart from holding the National Conference, other activities carried out were the APTIKOM ICT National Seminar (Semnastics) with the theme “Accelerating Digital Transformation Towards Society 5.0 using Technology 4.0” and ICIC 2022 with the theme “Driving Digital Transformation Towards Society 5.0 Though Smart Technology and Artificial Intelligence” which held on 8 – 10 December 2022. This year’s APTIKOM was also attended by several large industries which participated in enlivening the activity including Ruijie, Oracle Academy, Synnex Metrodata Indonesia and other companies.

The Computer Science Education Department also sent representatives consisting of the Head of the Computer Science Education Masters Study Program, Lala Septem Riza, M. T., Ph.D., Head of the Computer Science Education Study Program, Dr. Wahyudin, M. T., Head of Computer Science Study Program, Dr. Rani Megasari, M. T., and Prof. Dr. Munir, M.IT. to attend the 2022 APTIKOM National Conference.

Figure 1. Representatives of the Computer Science Education Department who participating in the 2022 APTIKOM National Conference

In addition, there is a lecturer representative from the Computer Science Education Department, namely Dr. Asep Wahyudin, M.T., Dr. Rasim, M.T., Drs. Eka Fitrajaya Rahman, M. T., Eddy Prasetyo Nugroho, M. T., Ani Anisyah, S. Pd., M. T., and Erna Piantari, M. T. who participated in the APTIKOM ICT National Seminar activities by presenting their respective papers with the hope that these papers can be published in proceedings or recommended in journals - Nationally reputable journals to Scopus indexed journals.

Figure 2. Documentation of Representatives of the Computer Science Education Department  who took part in the 2022 APTIKOM Semnastics

“This event is very necessary to establish cooperation between computer-based tertiary institutions from all over Indonesia, both from state universities, private universities and cooperation with the industrial world,” said Dr. Wahyudin, M. T regarding his impressions of participating in APTIKOM 2022 activities.

“Through this activity, the Computer Science Education Department hopes that APTIKOM can accommodate the curriculum of computer-based educational study programs.” he added.


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