A Fully support for Inclusive Education in the Festival of 2022 Graduation Batch III of the Computer Science Education Department

by: Depilkom UPI    13/11/2022 07:00:00

The Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia carried out the 2022 Batch III Graduation which was held for 3 days from October 25 2022 to October 27 2022. At this graduation, all series of activities were carried out offline while maintaining health protocols.

Figure 1. Poster of Batch III Graduation Activities at the Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia

The Computer Science Education Department graduated 67 students and received a graduation schedule for October 26, 2022. In order to give appreciation and congratulations to the graduates, BEM Kemakom through the Communication, Technology and Information Division held separate ceremonial activities right after the graduates of the Computer Science Education Department left from the Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia Gymnasium.

This activity was carried out at the Banana Inn Hotel starting from 13.00 WIB to 16.00 WIB. The theme is “Growing Up & Never Stop”. Apart from the graduates and their families, lecturers from the Department of Computer Science Education were also present to enliven this event.

Figure 2. Graduation Ceremonial Activities of the Computer Science Education Department at the Banana Inn Hotel

The series of activities carried out at the department’s graduation procession this time, including the graduates doing a photobooth session before the start of the event, then when the event started the invited guests were treated to traditional dance offerings performed by the Kabumi UPI.

After that, it was followed by remarks from every element involved, starting from the lecturer representatives, the Head of BEM, the Chief Executive, representatives from the parents of graduates, to representatives of graduates. After the remarks, there was a session of giving roses to representatives of lecturers and parents conducted by graduates. The procession of giving flowers is to understand how big the sacrifices that lecturers and parents have made to educate and shape graduates to what they are today.

Figure 3. List of Award Winners at Graduation Phase III of the Computer Science Education Department in 2022

Then an awarding session was carried out with 5 categories, including the Best Graduates, Most Active Graduates, Youngest Graduates, Graduates with the Highest GPA, and Graduates with the highest thesis scores. The procession went lively because it involved both lecturers and graduates, the interaction between lecturers and graduates was so warm. After the awarding, it was followed by giving impressions and messages from graduates regarding their study period on campus. After that, a documentation session was held for the graduates, graduates, and lecturers present.

Figure 4. Award given to Krisna Milenia, S.Pd as the Best Graduate of the Computer Science Education Department

Irfan Adi Pratama is one of the students who successfully graduated at this Batch III Graduation. Irfan is a special class of 2017 Computer Science student. Irfan has limitations, but he still tries to be able to take part in lecture activities at the Computer Science Education Department well and in the end manages to complete his studies satisfactorily.

This is inseparable from the role of a supportive environment. This environment can be in the form of family, friends, to educators in the Computer Science Education Department. Irfan’s parents in their speech at the Banana Inn Hotel thanked all the elements who were always by Irfan’s side during college. He never thought that his child who has limitations could reach the point of graduation like now.

Figure 5. Remarks from Irfan Adi Pratama’s parents, S.Kom.

“Inclusive education in higher education is a responsibility that needs to be shared, through good coordination and a supportive environment, even students with special needs can still complete their studies well. Both students, families, and campus parties need to be aware of their respective roles and have the initiative to communicate with each other regarding student academic development.” said Dr. Rani Megasari, M.T. as chairman of the Computer Science study program.

Irfan is clear evidence that limitations will not prevent someone from achieving success. Because with determination, hard work, and perseverance that someone will determine how successful that person is.

Figure 6. Group Photo Session between Graduates and Lecturers of the Computer Science Education Department

Congratulations and success to the students of the Computer Science Education Department who have officially graduated from the lecture bench. Hopefully it will be a bright start in reaching your goals and contributing more to the progress of the nation.


Writers: Muhammad Cahya