Computer Science Fantastic Ramadan Echo

by: Depilkom UPI    25/05/2019 22:10:54

Gema Ramadhan Fantastik Computer Science (GRAFIKOM) is one of the BEM Kemakom Spiritual Division programs. This year it was held at the Al-Mujahirin Mosque in Cipaku on Saturday, May 25, 2019. During this activity, Islamic Studies and Breaking the fast together were held. The target participants of this activity are Kemakom residents. The purpose of this activity is to improve the quality of spirituality and strengthen the friendship between Kemakom residents and fill the time in the holy month of Ramadan to get closer to Allah SWT.

In this series of GRAFIKOM activities, participants are invited to hold joint worship, including sunnah prayers and obligatory prayers in the congregation as well as Islamic prayer and prayer as the core of this activity. Presenters who were present to give this Study material were Ustadz Sapria Muhamad. After the study is completed, the activity ends with the closing prayer. In this activity, there is also archery equipment for participants and committees to jointly learn and practice how to archery. Breaking the fast together is done after Maghrib prayer, followed by a photo session for documentation.