Gemastik Talk: Sharing to Reach Achievements

by: Depilkom UPI    11/07/2021 08:25:54

Based on the Gemastik XIV 2021 guide, it is stated that GEMASTIK or the National Student Performance in the Information and Communication Technology Field, is a program of the National Achievement Center, Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology. This program is intended to improve the competence of Indonesian students, so that they are able to take on the role of agents of change in advancing ICT and its use, both while still in the study period and later after graduating from study.

Picture 1. Gemastik Talk Event

In order to achieve achievements in Gemastik XIV, the Computer Science Education Department held a Gemastik Talk which is an event from lecturers and alumni to share with active students their experiences of being a participant and Gemastik jury with tips that can be followed by students who want to participate in Gemastik. This event was held on Thursday 1 July 2021 at 08.00-12.00. The event was opened with remarks from Lecturer in the field of student affairs, Mr. Herbert Siregar, M.T. which is then followed by the presentation of the speakers and questions and answers session. The speakers at this event are:

1. Rosa Ariani Sukamto, M.T. as a Lecturer who has been a jury for Programming Division at Gemastik XII (2019) and Gemastik XIII (2020)

2. Ahmad Banyu Rachman, S.Kom., Alumni of the 2013 Class of the Computer Science Study Program, Rank III Animation Division at Gemastik 8 (2015)

3. Fadhil Farras Haidar Nuhung, S. Kom., Alumni of the 2015 Class of the Computer Science Study Program, Finalist of the Animation Division at Gemastik 9 (2016)

4. Putri Nursofiyanti Juliashakti, S.Kom, Alumni of the 2016 Class of the Computer Science Study Program, Finalist of the Animation Division at Gemastik 10 (2017)

Picture 2. The Presentation of The Speaker

The Gemastik Talk was attended by students who will take part in the competition in Gemastik XIV. Hopefully with this event, the UPI team will be able to achieve achievements in Gemastik XIV.


Writer: Rosa A. S.