KEMAKOM became the Best FPMIPA Association at the 2022 FPMIPA Awards

by: Depilkom UPI    12/01/2023 07:30:00

Throughout 2022, many national and international academic and non-academic competitions have been held. From the many competitions, the students from the Computer Science Education Department have won individual and group championship titles. In total, there were 62 achievement titles and nine first-place titles that students of the Computer Science Education Department successfully collected in 2022.

The many achievements achieved by the students led KEMAKOM as an association of the Computer Science Education Department to become the Best Association and the Association with the Most 1st Place at the 2022 FPMIPA Awards. After the previous FPMIPA Awards, this award was made on a Departmental scale. The Computer Science Education Department won an award as the Best Department in 2021.

Figure 1. Poster for the 2022 FPMIPA Awards activities

The FPMIPA Awards is an activity held by the Student Executive Board of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Education, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, which aims to appreciate FPMIPA students who excel in academic and non-academic competitions at national and international levels. This year, the FPMIPA Awards took the theme “Achieve and Inspire” and were held offline at the UPI FPMIPA Auditorium on January 10, 2023.

Figure 2. Speech by Dr. Dadi Rusdiana, S.Pd., M.Sc.

At this year’s FPMIPA Awards, there are two essential agendas, namely giving appreciation to FPMIPA UPI students who have won achievements in 2022 and awarding the association with the most achievements and the most 1st place in 2022. This year will be the first year that The FPMIPA Awards activities will be held again offline after previously always being held online.

Figure 3. Announcement of the nominations by the Master of Ceremony

This award is a matter of pride for the Computer Science Education Department because it shows the activeness and achievements of the academic community in the Computer Science Education Department in academic and non-academic competitions during 2022.

Figure 4. Giving awards to outstanding FPMIPA students during 2022.

“I am very grateful for KEMAKOM’s achievement as the best Association at FPMIPA because this is proof that KEMAKOM pays attention to the abilities and talents of its students in organizing and in competitions between students. Many competitions were won during 2022 both at local, national, and international levels. Hopefully, this can be used as encouragement for other students. I hope that KEMAKOM can maintain this achievement even better than this year.” – said Dr. Wahyudin, M.T., Chair of the Computer Science Education Study Program.

“Really appreciate the enthusiasm of students who have participated in competitions and even won championships. Hopefully, this enthusiasm can be passed on to many other students. The experience of participating in competitions or contests is beneficial for testing your sincerity and fighting spirit, and honing strategies in preparation. In addition, participating in competitions can foster a spirit of sportsmanship, that winning or losing is normal, there are factors beyond our control so our job is to try our best. Congratulations to Kemakom” – said Dr. Rani Megasari, M.T. as Chair of the Computer Science Study Program.

Figure 5. Group photo of students from the Department of Computer Science Education who have won achievements in 2022

Congratulations to the Computer Science Education Department students who won awards in 2022, leading the Association and Department to be the best at the 2023 FPMIPA Awards. We hope that through this award, the enthusiasm and motivation of the Computer Science Education Department’s academic community to participate in competitions and gain achievement in 2023 will be even higher.


Writers: M.Cahya