KLAUS as 3rd Winner Innovation System Healthkathon 2022

by: Depilkom UPI    14/11/2022 20:44:40

Healthkathon 2022 is an Hackathon annual event held by BPJS Kesehatan, this competition has the purpose of reaching Indonesian students and society to find the best ideas, innovations, and suggestions for improving services to more than 200 billion BPJS Kesehatan participants through digital technology (http://healthkathon.bpjs-kesehatan.go.id/). This competition has 4 categories, there are machine learning, innovation system, penetration testing professional, and student. This competition is held online through YouTube and Zoom Meeting.


KLAUS Team participated in this competition and achieved 3rd place in the Innovation System field. Dr. Yudi Wibisono, M.T. guides this team as a mentor, and KLAUS team consists of three Computer Science students, they are:

  • Axel Eldrian Hadiwibowo (Angkatan 2020)
  • Hilman Ahmad Rusydi (Angkatan 2020)
  • Muhammad RIdho Izzulhaq (Angkatan 2020)


Picture 1. KLAUS Team


The KLAUS team made electronic document innovations for BPJS Health with a blockchain-integrated system and competed with 413 teams from all over Indonesia. KLAUS Team successfully passed the 4 stages of selection, on the first selection they collected the idea and the concept (September 21, 2022), and the second selection is created application from the concept they had created before with implementing API from BPJS (October 8, 2022), the third selection is selection by three regions in Indonesia, West, Central, and East region (October 14-16, 2022), and the last stage is KLAUS team made it into the top 10 which continued to the final stage (October 23, 2022).


Picture 2. KLAUS Team with Head of Study Program


The KLAUS team also felt great support from the study program in quickly finding a mentor who was in line with the topic being presented. The team leader, Axel expressed his impressions while participating in the Healthkathon 2022 competition, “We really feel challenged when saw other teams who are greater than us. Hopefully, in the next competition, we can get the first winner, and we hope that the application we made can bring a good impact on society. In this competition, we really hope this application can actually be implemented so that it can be useful for society, especially BPJS participants. For students, please be active at any competition and don’t worry about winning or losing, the important thing is the experience and you can be implementing what you have learned in college to be a creation.”


Congratulations to the KLAUS Team for bringing the name of Computer Science and the Indonesian University of Education to the national level. Hopefully this achievement will motivate and be the start for students of the Computer Science Education Department in providing achievements in their respective fields.