Game Application Development Guest Lecture with Alumni

by: Depilkom UPI    04/11/2022 09:00:00

In the Computer Science study program at the Indonesian University of Education there is an elective course from the Software Development and Information Management Expertise Group (KBK), namely Game Application Development which was managed by Ms. Rosa Ariani Sukamto, M.T. holding a guest lecture with speakers who are alumni who have been involved in the Game Industry. This guest lecture was held online on Thursday 13 October 2022 at 13.00. The alumni who was the guest speaker at the guest lecture was Giri Prahasta Putra, who is an alumni of the Computer Science Study Program class of 2010. Giri used to work as a Unity Developer at Assemblr, but currently works a lot remotely for his clients.

Figure 1-2. Game Application Development Guest Lecture with Giri Prahasta Putra

Giri shared a lot about the current game industry in a fairly limited opportunity, including related to the specialization of programmers in the game industry, such as:

  • Gameplay Programmer - in charge of making good gameplay
  • Tool Programmer - in charge of making tools used by game programmers
  • Graphic Programmer - in charge of making good graphics so it is not easy to make the device being hanging
  • Feel Engineer/User Experience Designer - tasked with making games comfortable (using C/C++ a lot)
  • Sound Programmer - tasked with creating/inputting music in games


Giri also shared the following steps to get involved in the world of game development:

  • You can start from simple things first, for example, you can make a simple design or game first and release it on to get feedback.
  • Get by creating a game-related portfolio.
  • Can expand the circle of friends from various universities and majors, for example participating in the Indonesia Game Developer Exchange (IGDX).
  • Can try to access
  • Participate in game jam events, because there will be many recruiters who are interesting with active game jam participants, can expand the circle of friends, and so on.
  • Documenting all games that have been made, for example on social media or blogs, so recruiters can see the portfolio that has been made.

Currently Game Engines that are often used include Unity, Unreal, Godot, and Game Engines that use Javascript. The guest lecture was then greeted with a number of questions from the lecture participants so as to add insight to the guest lecture participants. Hopefully with a guest lecture like this it will be able to increase insight for students who will be involved in the industry in the future as technology develops more rapidly.



Writer: Rosa A. S.