Industrial Visit to PT INTI 2022

by: Depilkom UPI    01/09/2022 09:00:00

The Department of Computer Science Education made an industrial visit to PT INTI which is located on Jl. Moch Toha No. 77 Bandung on Thursday, August 25, 2022. This activity is also one of the work programs of the Kemakom (Computer Student Families) which is a student organization in the Department of Computer Science Education with the title Introduction to Industrial 2022. A lecturer from the Study Program is assigned to assist this activity, namely Eddy Prasetyo Nugroho, M.T.



Figure 1. Industrial Visiting Group of the Department of Computer Science Education


This activity was also attended by students of the Department of Computer Science Education, members of Kemakom. Events carried out in this activity include:

  • Opening presentation by Mrs. Dani Prasetyo as Public Relations Manager (Humas)
  • Presentation of material from PT INTI represented by Setyo Utoro as Information Technology Manager at PT INTI regarding the following matters:
    • service products and project opportunities that can be done by students and lecturers (Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia) as a partnership
    • introduction of existing/marketed PT INTI products in the market place (E-KTP reader/IDentification, E-payment, DV2B Set Top Boxes for Digital TV, Traffic Management System, Flood IDentification, etc.)
  • Presentations related to products being developed were presented by Purnomo Adji as product development manager




Figure 2-3. Exchange of Souvenirs and Group Photos between Lecturers and Managers of PT INTI


In this activity, a meeting was also held with PT IOT which is engaged in IoT (Internet of Things). The products produced by PT IOT also provide support for the products developed by PT INTI. This was conveyed by Mr. Rahmat Gunawan as the President Director of PT IOT.



Figure 4. Taking a photo with the President Director of PT IOT

Activities at PT INTI are also a meeting place for alumni of the Department of Computer Science Education with this group of activities. One of the alumni who also welcomed the arrival of the group was Muh. Fakhrul Arifin alumni of the 2010 Computer Science Study Program. A brief coverage of this activity can be seen on the Youtube channel with the following link



Figure 5. Taking a Photo with Alumni of the Computer Science Study Program

Writer: Rosa A. S.