Computer Science Students become Finalists in Gemastik XVI 2023 Programming Division

by: Depilkom UPI    24/09/2023 09:00:00

GEMASTIK or National Student Performance for Information and Communication Technology, is a program of the National Achievement Center, Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology. This program is aimed at increasing the competence of Indonesian students, so that they are able to take a role as agents of change in advancing ICT and its use, both while they are still studying and later after graduating. This year GEMASTIK was held for the 16th time with the theme “ICT for Advanced and Sustainable Development of Indonesia”. This performance was held together with one of the universities appointed by the National Achievement Center, Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology as the organizer, which this year was Brawijaya University Malang. GEMASTIK The following are the 11 branches/divisions of the GEMASTIK XVI competition, namely:

1. Division I Programming

2. Division II Cyber Security

3. Division III Data Mining

4. Division IV User Experience (UX) Design

5. Division V Animation

6. Division VI Smart City

7. Division VII Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Scientific Paper

8. Division VIII Software Development

9. Division IX Smart Device, Embedded System & Internet of Things (IoT)

10. Division X Game Development

11. Division XI Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Business Development

(Gemastik XVI 2022 Guide)


Computer Science Study Program students succeeded in becoming finalists in Gemastik XVI 2023 in Division 1 Programming (Programming) by eliminating hundreds of Gemastik participating teams in this division. The teams that succeeded in becoming finalists are as follows.


Figure 1. Programming 2C1N Team


Finalist of Division I Programming

Team Name: 2C1N


Arya Aydin Margono (class of 2022)

Rakha Dhifiargo Hariadi (class of 2022)

Jason Rafif Pangestu Suryoatmojo (class of 2022)

Supervisor Lecturer: Rosa Ariani Sukamto, M.T.

Supervising Lecturer Representing Brawijaya University: Yudi Ahmad Hambali, M.T.


Of course, their struggle to become finalists in Gemastik XVI 2023 is not easy. The team members are the class of 2022 who have just studied 2 semesters at the UPI Computer Science Study Program, and one of the members even learned programming when he entered college. It requires seriousness and continuous effort to reach the point achieved. Each achievement point is a precursor to the next achievement.


Even though we didn’t manage to bring home a medal when we appeared and competed in the final and experienced computer problems during the final, of course this achievement is something that really needs to be appreciated. Hopefully this achievement will further encourage the students of the Computer Science Study Program to continue working and achieving achievements.


Writer: Rosa A. S.