Computer Science Students Become Finalists of the 2021 Competitive Programming Hology 4.0 Competition

by: Depilkom UPI    16/11/2021 00:00:00

House of Technology (HOLOGY) is an annual national technology event organized by the Faculty of Computer Science Universitas Brawijaya since 2018. In this fourth year, HOLOGY consists of 4 series of events, namely webinars & workshops, competition, exhibition, and awarding night. HOLOGY 4.0 has the theme “Revolutionary Technology: Level Up Your Abilities in the Midst of Disruptive Era”, with the aim that the Indonesian people, especially students, can improve their abilities so that they are able to adapt and maximize the positive impact of technology in the disruptive era. (


Figure 1. Competitive Programming Finalist List of Hology 4.0 2021


Students of the Computer Science Study Program, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, participated in the competitive programming competition in this event and succeeded in becoming finalists. All of these students are members of the Competitive Programming Club at the Department of Computer Science Education (can be viewed here). There were two teams from the Computer Science study program that became finalists, namely

Figure 2. QWERTY Team


Team Name: QWERTY

·         Aryo Bagas Pamungkas (2020 class)

·         Cahya Gumilang (2020 class)

·         Muhammad Satria Ramadhani (2020 class)


Figure 3. AMDskuy Team


Team Name: AMDskuy

·         Muhammad Cahyana Bintang Fajar (2021 class)

·         Shafa Meira Wahyono (2020 class)

·         Andum Pangestu (2020 class)


Hopefully, the continuous flow of achievements in the field of competitive programming will also bring progress in this field, especially in the Department of Computer Science Education, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia.



Writer: Rosa A. S.