by: Depilkom UPI    23/01/2020 19:22:06

MSCEIS (Mathematics, Science, and Computer Science Education International Seminar) is a yearly conference held by some universities both domestic and abroad. This event is organized by the Mathematics and Science Education Faculty (FPMIPA), Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia and collaborated with 12 universities that joined in Indonesian MIPA LPTK Association (AMLI) consists of Universitas Negeri Semarang (UNNES), Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI), Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta (UNY), Universitas Negeri Malang (UM), Universitas Negeri Jakarta (UNJ), Universitas Negeri Medan (UNMED), Universitas Negeri Padang (UNP), Universitas Negeri Manado (UNIMA), Universitas Negeri Makassar (UNM), Universitas Pendidikan Ganesha (Undhiksa), dan Universitas Negeri Surabaya (UNESA).

In this year, MSCEIS 2019 held in Bandung, Jawa Barat on Saturday, October 12 2019 with the theme: “Mathematics, Science, and Computer Science Education for Addressing Challenges and Implementations of Revolution-Industry 4.0”. The event that held was seminar with keynote speakers that really qualified, which is Prof. Goutam Chakraborty, Ph.D. from Iwate Prefectural University, Japan, Dr. I Gusti Darmawan from The University of Adelaide, Australia, Prof. Janchai Yingprayoon Suan Sunandha Rajabhat from University, Thailand, Arif Hidayat, Ph.d from Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, Indonesia.

MSCEIS was the yearly event that was held seventh time this year. Besides the seminar, this year, MSCEIS also attended lectures from University that joined in Indonesian MIPA LPTK Association. All participants collect posters and powerpoint about their research that will be presented after the seminar.