Opening Ceremony Open the Series of DINAMIK 17 Events

by: Depilkom UPI    15/11/2022 07:00:00

Sunday, September 13, 2022. The 17th Anniversary of Computer Science (DINAMIK) Opening Ceremony was held. This time the opening DINAMIK took the theme “Bring Back Memories” and was attended by Dr. Sandey Tantra Paramitha S.Si., M.Pd. As Head Division of the Student Cooperation & Organization at Directorate of Student Affairs Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, Dadi Rusdiana, M.Si. As Deputy Dean for Student Affairs at FPMIPA UPI, Dr. Rani Megasari, M.T. as the Head of Computer Science Study Program, Dr. Wahyudin, M.T. as the Head of the Computer Science Education Study Program, as well as a participant in the DINAMIK 17 activity. This activity took place online through the Zoom Meeting platform and was broadcasted live through the Youtube channel of BEM Kemakom.

Figure 1. Opening Ceremony by the Master of Ceremony

DINAMIK is an annual event as well as celebrating the birthday of the big family of Computer Science at the Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia. This year, DINAMIK takes the theme “Growth with Digital Transformation & Building Career”. In addition, this year’s DINAMIK carries a slightly different concept from previous years, where this year, the activities will take place in a hybrid concept.

“DINAMIK activities are a commitment and a form of collaboration between the Study Program, BEM Kemakom as a student organization, and the Alumni Association. So that through this activity, there will be many series of events that we can enjoy together. Through DINAMIK, I hope it will provide many benefits as well as happiness for all of us” – said Dr. Rani Megasari, M.T. in his speech.

Figure 2. Speech from Dr. Rani Megasari, M.T. as Head of Computer Science Study Program

The Opening Ceremony is the opening activity of the DINAMIK 17 series of events which consists of the opening ceremony, national level IT competitions, donations, seminars, Home Coming Day, and closing ceremonies. The fields of competition that are present at DINAMIK 17 include Competitive Programming, Computer Network Competition, and UI Web Design with the target participants from SMA/SMK/equivalent students. Until now, there have been 90 students from all over Indonesia registered to take part in the competition at DINAMIK 17.

In addition to being symbolic of opening the DINAMIK 17 series of events, at this opening ceremony, the committee provided important information regarding the series of activities that will be held at DINAMIK this year, including information on the timeline of the competition, open donation activities, seminars, and Home Coming Day activities in the form of a leisurely walk that will be attended by lecturers, alumni, and Kemakom residents.

Figure 3. Award Procession to the Vipers Team, 1st Place in the DIMAS TI Computational Thinking Competition – Universitas Negeri Semarang

Furthermore, there is an award for students of the Computer Science Education Department who excel during 2022. This activity is a form of appreciation from the Computer Science Education Department to students who have made the name of the Computer Science Almamater of Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia known for this year. The activity was then closed with a ribbon cutting procession by M. Akmaluddin as the Chief Executive of the DINAMIK 17 which symbolically indicated that the DINAMIK 17 activity was officially opened.

Figure 4. Ribbon Scissors Procession by the Chief Executive DINAMIK 17

“We give our highest appreciation, hopefully the DINAMIK 17 activity can be successful and all participants can take part in this activity from beginning to end in good health” - said Dr. Sandey Tantra Paramitha S.Si., M.Pd. in his speech.

Congratulations and keep the spirit high for all elements of the DINAMIK 17 activity. Hopefully through this activity, it can be a place for participants to start their careers with the help of digital transformation. As well, it is hoped that from this activity, will be able to extend the relationship between lecturers, students, and alumni of Computer Science Education Department. Stay tuned for other series of DINAMIK 17 events on Kemakom social media and the BEM Kemakom Youtube Channel.


Writers: Muhammad Cahya