by: Depilkom UPI    08/07/2020 08:17:08

Wednesday, July 7, 2020 a second day of the Computer-Based Writing Examination was held for high school graduates of the same level who would continue their studies at public universities. The exam, known as UTBK, is held offline on several campuses, including the Indonesian University of Education. The Laboratory of the Department of Computer Science Education is one of the supporting facilities for administering this exam.

In the new normal condition during the pandemic, the implementation of the UTBK has implemented a health protocol to avoid the spread of the Covid-19 virus, which is by keeping a distance when entering the building and during implementation, using a mask / face shield, and washing hands before and after implementation.

It is known that UTBK will take place in two stages, namely stage 1 on July 5-14 2020 and stage 2 on July 20-29, 2020. By always paying attention to safety and implementing health protocols that have been encouraged, it is hoped that the UTBK can run smoothly without any obstacles.