REST API Design and Development Training

by: Depilkom UPI    22/04/2021 09:41:45


On April 3, 2021, the Software Engineering Expertise Group of Computer Science Department Team organized the online workshop REST API training. This event themed “Building the Architectural Data with REST API” and carried out through the Zoom meeting video conference and also live on the YouTube page of BEM Kemakom. Abdul Aziz Priatna as a Senior Software Engineer at PT. Suitmedia Kreasi Indonesia attended this event as a speaker.

In this REST API Training, the speaker not only talks about the material but also shows the demonstration about how to use and make use of RESTful API. During the presentation session, the material discussed includes what is API and the history its development and also discuss RESTful API and how to use it.

After the material presentation session ended, the event was continued with a demonstration about how RESTful API works. Before the demo started, the participants are encouraged to install XAMPP, Composer, postman, and Git applications first. After they are installed those applications, the speaker started the demo and direct participants to follow the directions given.


After the demo session, one of the participants is asked to share screen and showed the result of using their RESTful API, represented by M. Rayhan. Besides showed the result, participants are also asked to show the error when doing the demo of RESTful API and solve the error problems together. This event was closed with questions and answers session and door prizes were also given to three participants.

Hopefully, this training event can be a bridge that strengthens the relationship between alumni and alma mater and establishes good cooperation with PT. Suitmedia Kreasi Indonesia, and also can add insight and train participants’ skills regarding REST API.

Watch the REST API training reruns on the YouTube page of BEM Kemakom or click the link below.

REST API Training