UI/UX Design Workshop

by: Depilkom UPI    13/08/2021 23:47:36

Communication Technology and Information Division of BEM Kemakom organized the UI/UX Design Workshop on Saturday, July 31, 2021. This workshop was themed “Design Your Dreams Explore Your Passion”, and more than 100 participants participated.

Picture 1. Rahman Abdul Razak Presenting the Material

Rahman Abdul Razak, the speaker at this workshop is a UX Designer at PT Telkom Indonesia and alumni from the Department of Computer Science Education. He shared his experience about how specific UI/UX in the industry, explained what is the difference between UI and UX, and also told in detail how to make a user-friendly app interface.

Picture 2. The Excitement Participants of Design Practice at Figma

After the theory session at Zoom Meeting ended, the participants are directed to practice redesigned a home page of an application on the Figma platform. Figma is a design editor web-based that can do a real-time collaboration and provides features that support the creation of UI/UX designs. Before that, they have explained how to use basic Figma tools, such as creating a frame, input text, giving color, etc. At the end of the workshop, the top four participants’ designs get door prizes.

Hopefully, this workshop can provide new insight and deepen participants’ knowledge so that they are ready to enter the UI/UX field.


Writer: Zahra Hanifa