The UPI Teams Delegation Participating at GEMASTIK XIV 2021

by: Depilkom UPI    06/08/2021 17:42:17

GEMASTIK is one of the prestigious competitions in the field of ICT at the national level for university students. GEMASTIK XIV which will be held in 2021 will be conducted online. GEMASTIK has 11 divisions of competition, including competitions and creation. The competition divisions in GEMASTIK XIV include:

  1. Division I Programming
  2. Division II Cyber Security
  3. Division III Data Mining
  4. Division IV UX Design
  5. Division V Animation
  6. Division VI Smart City
  7. Division VII ICT Scientific Paper
  8. Division VIII Software Development
  9. Division IX Smart Device, Embedded System & IoT
  10. Division X Game Development
  11. Division XI ICT Business Development

Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia sent a team delegation to participate in GEMASTIK XIV. A total of 36 teams from various majors at UPI participated in 10 branches of the competition division. The 14 teams, including those from the Computer Science Education Department, participate in 5 branches of the competition division. Each team is supervised by lecturers and alumni who have experience with participating in GEMASTIK before.

Picture 1. GEMASTIK XIV Participants Statistic

Hopefully, the delegates can win medals at GEMASTIK XIV in order to bring the name of UPI in the arena of student competitions related to ICT at the National level.


Writer: Rosa A. S.