Meeting with PT. Meisou Indonesia for Collaboration

by: Depilkom UPI    25/06/2022 09:00:00

On Monday, June 20, 2022, the Department of Computer Science Education, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, received a visit from representatives from PT. Meisou Indonesia. Representatives from PT Meisou Indonesia who came to visit include the Director of PT Meisou Indonesia, namely Itai Takashi and Aditia Gunawan and Lucky as translators. From the Department of Computer Science Education represented by the Heads of the Department and the Taskforce Team related to collaboration, namely Eddy Prasetyo Nugroho, M.T. and Erna Piantari, S. Kom, M.T. This meeting was held in the secretariat room of the UPI Department of Computer Science Education. Representatives from PT. Meisou Indonesia was escorted and accompanied by Dr. Dedi Rohendi who serves as Head of the Mechanical Engineering Education Study Program at the Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia.



Figure 1. Meeting with PT. Meisou Indonesia


This meeting is intended to explore collaboration in the distribution of employee for the needs of software development companies/factories in Japan. This is a new scheme of PT. Meisou Indonesia, where if the participant is declared to have passed the selection, they will be facilitated with Japanese language training before leaving to Japan. This is also a good thing for graduates of the UPI Department of Computer Science Education who want to go international to Japan to gain experience. In this meeting, representatives from PT. Meisou Indonesia conveyed regarding the need for human resources for the software development needs of companies/factories in Japan through PT. Indonesian Meisou.



Figure 2. Take Picture with PT. Meisou Indonesia Representatives


PT. Meisou Indonesia previously had a collaboration with the UPI Mechanical Engineering Study Program and was about to dispatch graduates. The new scheme offered to graduates of the Computer Science Study Program and Computer Science Education can be done remotely. Graduates prepare CVs, diplomas and transcripts, to then follow the initial selection which is carried out internally so that only a few are recommended by study programs. Graduates who are recommended study programs will be further selected by Japanese companies in need. For the period of August 2022, 3 graduates are needed. There are 2 patterns of collaboration that will be carried out, the first is to provide recommendations for graduates to work full time remotely and the second is to collaborate in the form of projects to be carried out internally by the Department of Computer Science Education by empowering lecturer and student resources as well as campus facilities that are adapted to the MBKM (Independent Learning) scheme. Hopefully this exploration of collaboration will be able to provide benefits to PT. Meisou Indonesia and members of the Department of Computer Science Education.


Writer: Rosa A. S.