Preparation for the MBKM Program

by: Depilkom UPI    31/08/2021 09:37:00

Currently, the Minister of Education and Culture of Indonesia is launching the Merdeka Belajar Kampus Merdeka (MBKM - Independent Learning Independent Campus). Therefore, the Computer Science Education Study Program and the Computer Science Study Program carried out several adjustment activities in order the students who take part in this program are ready to take part in the MBKM program. The MBKM program is a program where students can take courses in the form of internships in the industry or taking courses at other universities that participate in the MBKM program. With the MBKM program, it is expected to reduce the gap between students’ abilities and those required by workplaces such as industry or schools when the students graduate from the university. The MBKM program can be taken by students with a minimum study period of 4 passed semesters and has received a recommendation from the study program.

Figure 1. MBKM Program

To prepare for this, the Computer Science Education study program and the Computer Science Study Program carried out various preparations including socializing the MBKM program to the lecturers and students and restructuring the ongoing curriculum in order the students participating in the MBKM program have the basic skills needed by industry or other places as the MBKM program place which will be chosen by students.

Figure 2. Curriculum Matrix Restructurization

The process of socializing the MBKM program is carried out in several stages including socialization for lecturers, especially academic supervisors and the students. Socialization to the lecturers is also given several times because of there are many questions and there needs to be implementation stages in each study program. MBKM socialization to the students was also carried out several times, namely socialization related to the MBKM program itself and also career guidance on choices in the MBKM program.

Figure 3. Curriculum Restructurization Rules

The curriculum restructuring process is carried out through several stages, starting with the formation of a curriculum restructuring team consisting of lecturers in the Computer Science Education Study Program and the Computer Science Study Program. After the draft results from the restructuring team have been prepared, a meeting is held with the lecturers in the study program to carry out joint validation of the draft that has been prepared.

With several preparation processes carried out by the Computer Science Education Study Program and the Computer Science Study Program, it is expected that the MBKM program can be followed by students who already have basic skills, can run well, and bring great benefits to the students and study programs.




Writer: Rosa A. S.