Independent Learning - Independent Campus Program in Computer Science Study Program

by: Depilkom UPI    23/01/2022 00:00:00

Independent Learning - Independent Campus (MBKM) is a comprehensive career preparation program to prepare the best generation of Indonesia. Independent Campus is part of the Independent Learning policy by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology of the Republic of Indonesia which provides opportunities for students to hone skills according to their talents and interests by going directly into the world of work as preparation for future careers. (source:

UPI’s Computer Science Study Program is also one of the many study programs in Indonesia that participates in this program. The mechanism for monitoring MBKM activities is also carried out by the Computer Science Study Program. Students of the Computer Science Study Program who take part in the MBKM program include:

Student’s Number




1800421SONDARI SETIA RAHAYUInternshipPerkumpulan Integrasi Kolaborasi dan Inovasi Pendidikan
1800591PUPUT YUNIAR MAULIDAInternshipPT Uni Tokopo Teknologi
1801411KOES SAFIRA AMANIDYANSARIInternshipPT. Impactbyte Teknologi Edukasi
1803771MUHAMMAD RAMADHAN MAULANA. AInternshipPT. Suitmedia Kreasi Indonesia
1804430NON ALYYA YAN HARIInternshipPT. Bank CIMB Niaga Tbk
1805597ALIF MUHAMMAD BRAVOInternshipXL Axiata
1801754MOCHAMAD RIZKY DARMAWANIndenpedent StudyPT. Orbit Ventura Indonesia
1901423MUHAMMAD IQBAL ZAINIndenpedent StudyPT. Presentologics
1904499IMAM FIRDAUS DWIMEIANTOIndenpedent StudyPT. Presentologics
1904618MUHAMMAD IZZATUL HAQIndenpedent StudyPT. Microsoft Indonesia
1905106RAHMAT SYARIF AZHARIIndenpedent StudyPT. Presentologics
1905348YUDI PRASETYOIndenpedent StudyPT. Presentologics
1908767ZAHRA ELGYSHA NURLIYANIIndenpedent StudyPT. Presentologics
1908860ABIGHAIL SHAFIRA IHSANIIndenpedent StudyPT. Presentologics
1908324ALYA CHAIRUNNISA FAZIndenpedent StudyPT. Presentologics


It is hoped that with the MBKM program, students will have closer experience in the industrial world so that they can support their future to be better.



Figure 1-3. Monitoring Process of MBKM Program



Writer: Rosa A. S.