Dinamik Webinar Series – Public Speaking

by: Depilkom UPI    22/12/2021 17:06:02

Figure 1. Dinamik Webinar Banner

BEM Kemakom FPMIPA UPI once again held a webinar with another interesting topic, namely public speaking. This webinar is the 3rd webinar in the Dinamik 16 webinar series. The topic presented is a response to a request from Department of Computer Science Education (Depilkom) students who said that they wanted to improve their public speaking skills. Even though it was held at the request of Depilkom’s student, the webinar was open to the public.

The presenter who was brought to this webinar is an expert in the field of public speaking. His name is M. Syaiful Muktapa, C.STMI, C.Mc, C.Ps. He is the founder of the Bicarapede Academy and a public speaker and content creator at @bicarapede Media Network.

In this webinar, the speaker emphasized that public speaking is a useful science in any field. “When we talk about public speaking, we talk about all careers. Whatever your career, public speaking will help you to jump-start your quality to others,” said Syaiful, the speaker at this webinar.

Figure 2. Presentation Session

Syaiful also gave tips on how to speak in public well. He explained that there are 3 main things that must be present when speaking in public, namely:

  1. Have a point to make
  2. Identify more than two recipients
  3. Have a topic to discuss.

After the presentation, Syaiful invited the participants to practice public speaking and ask questions directly. This session was very lively because the enthusiasm of the participants was very high. Some participants tried to practice their public speaking skills, and Syaiful immediately corrected anything that needed to be improved.

Finally, this webinar was closed with a quiz and the distribution of door prizes for four people by the committee. Congratulations to the participants who got the door prizes. Hopefully, this webinar can improve public speaking skills for Depilkom students and can be a provision for their future careers. 


Writer: Arfiansyah Sucitra