Dr. Rasim, M.T. Becomes the 10th Lecturer in the Computer Science Education Department to Achieve a Doctoral Degree

by: Depilkom UPI    12/06/2021 21:27:11

Picture 1. Rasim, M.T Presenting his Research entitled “Immersive Intelligent Tutoring for Remedial Learning in a Virtual Environment”

Lecturer of the Computer Science Education Department, Rasim, M.T. achieved a doctorate promotion from the Bandung Institute of Technology through an open session which was held on June 11, 2021. The session was held virtually by using the zoom conference and was attended by lecturers consisting of a promoter guidance team, a protester team, and a committee that guided the course promotion session.

This promotion session was held to provide an opportunity for Rasim to be able to present his research results and answer questions or defend his dissertation entitled “Immersive Intelligent Tutoring for Remedial Learning in a Virtual Environment”.

Based on his presentation, the dissertation was motivated by studies on Remedial, Intelligent Tutoring Systems, and Virtual Learning Environments which are still separate studies from each other so Rasim tries to integrate these three studies into an integrated digital learning system.

Picture 2. Rasim, M.T Describes the Background in Conducting His Research.

When he was asked about the use and relevance of prototypes to current conditions where learning is mostly done virtually, Rasim explained that the prototypes he had developed could be used in face-to-face or virtual learning (Blended). However, in its utilization, it is necessary to support adequate infrastructure both in terms of hardware and software so that the prototype can be used optimally.

“In its implementation, it is necessary to have arrangements to utilize this technology, such as adequate infrastructure (for example) carried out in a lab that provides infrastructure such as networks and other things, both hardware and software.” Rasim said.

Picture 3. Discussion Session between Rasim, M.T with the Promoter Guidance Team and the Protester Team

With the implementation of this open session, Rasim became the 10th lecturer at the Department of Computer Science Education who won a doctorate degree. Hopefully, with this achievement, it can make the Department of Computer Science Education more advanced.

This open session can be accessed via the Graduate School ITB youtube channel or by clicking on the link below

Dr. Rasim, M.T Open Session


Writer: Muhammad Cahya