Congratulations, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia Achieve 3rd Place of THE WUR

by: Depilkom UPI    18/09/2021 01:05:15

THE (Times Higher Education) provides performance data from universities for students and their families, academia, university leaders, government and industry since 2004. THE provides university rankings to measure performance on a global stage and provides a resource for readers to understand the differences mission and success of higher education institutions (WUR- World University Rankings). THE measures rankings based on research, teaching, citations, and industry income.

Figure 1. Congratulations Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia

THE has released the world university rankings for 2022 and as many as 14 Indonesian universities are included in the ranking. Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia is ranked third out of 14 universities in Indonesia that are included in the ranking. The results of the assessment from Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia are as follows:

Figure 2. UPI Place Among Indonesia Universities

Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia

World ranking: 1001-1200
Overall score: 22.4-27.1
Teaching: 17.2
Research: 9.3
Citations: 44.1
Industry Income: 35.6
International Outlook: 17.5

From the 14 universities in Indonesia that are included in THE WUR, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia has the highest citation score. This means that many works from the academic community of the Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia have been cited a lot and providing good benefits to the society. Hopefully, achieving this ranking will make the academic community of Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia more motivated to work and providing beneficial to the society.


Writer: Rosa A. S.