Internal Seminar of Dr. Asep Wahyudin, M.T Dissertation Research.

by: Depilkom UPI    28/01/2020 19:24:02

Today, the Computer Science Education Department held an internal seminar that was presented by Dr. Asep Wahyudin. This department internal seminar take them appropriate with Mr. Asep Wahyudin dissertation research with the title: “Kerangka Kerja Perencanaan Strategis Sistem Informasi Berdasarkan Proses Kolaboratif Berkelanjutan”.

In the seminar, the presenter gave a background that is important to have an IT Strategic Planning in organization/institution/company. Moreover, some of the state of the art from some framework has been presented completely. Next, the presenter shared a framework that was proposed and contributed from his doctoral research. Proposal framework based from continuous collaborative process has been validated and tested by the expert in the field. So it can be said that this framework was feasible and suitable to be used in various organizations, especially education organizations/institutions (like university).

After finishing his presentation in the seminar that was attended by Computer Science Education Department lecturers, there are some questions asked by the participant. And the debriefing happened. After the seminar closed, the lecturers were warm-hearted and lunch together. This seminar is a routine event that is held once a month in the first or third week and hopefully can be continued to become a forum for sharing ideas and lecturers hospitality.