The First Published of International Journal “Journal of Computer for Society”

by: Depilkom UPI    14/07/2020 16:45:24

                The Department of Computer Science Education in 2020 has developed three journals as a means of dissemination or publication of research results from various academic circles. The three journals are (i) International Journal “Journal of Computers for Society (JCS)”; (ii) National Journal “Jurnal Aplikasi dan Teori Ilmu Komputer (JATIKOM)”, and (iii) National Journal for Teachers “Jurnal Guru Komputer (JGrKom)”.

                In June 2020, the first publication of the International Journal “Journal of Computers for Society (JCS)” was published at In this first publication, there are 6 articles with various themes, including the development of applications to create TOEFL questions automatically with Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning and Text Mining Implementation for Twitter data analysis. The complete 6 articles can be seen at The six articles were written from three countries, namely Indonesia, Mexico and Pakistan. Great hope, this international journal can be a contribution of knowledge and insight for its readers.