Souvernat Team and Adonia Hijab Pass In The Selection of Students Entrepreneurship Program

by: Depilkom UPI    20/03/2019 22:02:48

After the registration for the faculty level Entrepreneurial Student Program was opened, the two teams, both the Souvenart team consisting of Rahman Abdul Razak (2015), Yola Nanda Sekar Prima (2016), and Rantty Gantini (2017) and the Adonia Hijab team with Rizal Muharram (2016), Sofhia Nabilah (2016), and Sofi Fauziah Rahmawati (2016) register their respective product ideas.


The souvenart team successfully passed the qualifications and were funded in PMW activities up to the university level. The business idea proposed by the Souvenart team is a variety of handmade creations that are intended as gifts that are tailored to the wishes of the customer. The origin of Souvenart’s business ideas was based on people who often had difficulty finding the best and suitable gift for others. The team thinks that the prize must be given in a special form and needed by the recipient. Some of the products offered by the Souvenart team are Frame Vector, Wood Vector, 3D Frame Vector, Pop Up Box, Scrap Book, Explosion Box, and Love Box.

If the Souvenart team provides a variety of needs in the form of gifts, the Adonia Hijab team provides the needs of a veil for Muslim women who are active in their daily activities. The Adonia Hijab team succeeded in joining PMW until it passed to be funded up to the faculty level. The initial business idea of the Adonia Hijab team was the desire to facilitate Muslim women who were veils made of lightweight, cold, soft, and easily arranged. So, for Muslim women who have daily activities that are quite dense, there is no need to spend time ironing because it is easily managed. Veil materials offered by Adonia Hijab are Tyrex and Arabian Voal.


Congratulations on both teams!

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