Career Preparation in the “Merdeka Belajar” Era Webinar

by: Depilkom UPI    05/07/2021 23:38:09

On Thursday, June 24, 2021, the Computer Science Education Department held a webinar with the theme “Career Preparation in the Merdeka Belajar Era”. This activity was guided by Erna Piantari S.Kom., M. T. as moderator and invited Dr. Yusi Riksa Yustiana as the speaker. The activity which started at 13.00 WIB was attended by approximately 150 participants of the academic community of the Computer Science Education Department.

This activity aims to motivate students of the Computer Science Education Department regarding the importance of career preparation to support future success. Because in today’s era, there are many opportunities that can be achieved by computer science graduates. In addition, this activity aims to socialize the flagship programs of the Merdeka Campus that can be followed by students.

Merdeka Campus is a program designed by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology of the Indonesian Republic to support the career preparation of Indonesian students in the Merdeka Belajar era.

The webinar is divided into two sessions, the first session is filled with presentations from Dr. Yusi Riksa Yustiana who explained as well as socialized the program that will be implemented by the Merdeka Campus in the next Odd Semester. There are four excellent programs that students can participate in, including Internship and Independent Studies, Indonesian International Student Mobility Awards (IISMA), Independent Student Exchange, and Teaching Campus.

Picture 1. Presentation by Dr. Yusi Riksa Yustiana

The second session was filled with question and answer activities between students and Dr. Yusi Riksa Yustiana. Students who are still confused are welcomed to ask the speaker on this occasion. Even though it was conducted online, student enthusiasm remained high, as seen by the many questions asked about the Merdeka Campus program.

Picture 2. The discussion session was hosted by Erna Piantari S. Kom., M. T.

It is hoped that with the implementation of this activity, students of the Computer Science Education Department are interested in participating in the programs offered by the Merdeka Campus to help prepare students’ careers. In addition, this activity can motivate students to better prepare themselves for success in the future.

To see more details about the Merdeka Campus program, visit the Merdeka Campus official website here.


Writer: Muhammad Cahya