Webinar Trend and Future Research Of Smart Learning Environment (Research Opportunities for Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral Levels)

by: Depilkom UPI    25/03/2022 01:57:00

On March 19, 2022, the Smart Learning Environment Study Group (KBK SLE) Computer Science Education Department held a webinar themed Trend and Future Research Of Smart Learning Environment (Research Opportunities for Undergraduate, Masters, and Doctoral Levels). This webinar invited two speakers, named Dr. Budi Laksono Putro S.Si, M.T. as head of the SLE Study Group with the presentation titled Computational Learning in Smart Learning Environment (SLE).  The second speaker is Yusep Rosmansyah, S.T, M.Sc., Ph.D. as Director - Directorate of Education Development of ITB, he explained the material titled Q1 Journal Review “A Simple Model of Smart Learning Environment”.

This webinar was guided by Erna Piantari S.Kom., M.T. and Erlangga, S.Kom., M.T. as moderator and attended by bachelor, master, and doctoral students from UPI, ITB, other universities, as well as Lecturer Academics from universities, and practitioners.

The opening session of this event was opened by Dr. Wahyudin, M.T. as Head of the Computer Science Education Study Program Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia which was guided by the first MC and Moderator, Erna Piantari, S.Kom., M.T.

Gambar 1. Pembukaan Kegiatan

Gambar 2. Sambutan oleh Ketua Prodi Pendidikan Ilmu Komputer

The next session started with a presentation from the first speaker, Dr. Budi Laksono Putro, S.Si., M.T. with the material about “Computational Learning in a Smart Learning Environment (SLE)”. This session discusses three points. The first point is  Domain Computational Learning in SLE, explained that Computational Learning in SLE is a slice of two fields which are computer science and education. The second point is The Steps of Computational Learning in SLE, and the last point is Research Trend.

Gambar 3. Pematerian Pertama oleh Dr. Budi Laksono Putro, S.Si., M.T.

The second speaker by Yusep Rosmansyah, S.T, M.Sc., Ph.D. is discussed in Q1 Journal Review “A simple model of Smart Learning Environment” guided by the second moderator, Erlangga, S.Kom., M.T.. This session discusses four points: the SLE concept, a simple model of SLE development, tools SLE Establishment Guideline (SLEEG) and SLE Maturity Model (SLEMM), and the conclusion.

Picture 4. Second Presentation by Yusep Rosmansyah, S.T, M.Sc., Ph.D.

The last session is question and answer, for answering the participants’ questions and answered by both speakers. The questions are about the research opportunities related to the field Smart Learning Environment for the bachelor, master, and doctoral levels and the research implementation at SLE field for agencies and institutions both in education and non-education. Then the events end with a photo session.

Picture 5. Question and Answer Session

Picture 6. Photo Session

Hopefully, this event can give new insight for the participants about what are the challenges and opportunities of research in the Smart Learning Environment field, for the bachelor, master, and doctoral levels.


To watch the reruns of the webinar please click link below: Trend and Future Research Of Smart Learning Environment