Webminar: Quantitative Data Management Using R-Language Programming

by: Depilkom UPI    27/07/2020 20:09:16


This webinar was held by Rumah Publikasi Indonesia on July 22nd, 2020. The Speaker of this webinar is one of the lecturers in the Computer Science Education Department, Dr. Lala Septem Riza. This webinar was attended by more than 100 persons from various institutions and areas. In that opportunity, the speaker was explained about 4 thing, that is (i) the introduction of quantitative research and Applied Statistics, (ii) the introduction of R-language programming, (iii) Applied Statistics with R (data visualization, descriptive statistics, and statistical inference),  (iv) research with R for case study implementation and computation model.

Presentation slide from this webinar can be downloaded from this link: