1st Batch Graduation in 2020

by: Depilkom UPI    01/03/2020 05:11:26

February 26, 2020, was a happy day for the entire academic community of the Department of Computer Science Education. On that day, we officially released 11 graduates from the Computer Science Education Study Program and Computer Science Study Program.

To celebrate the success of the graduates, a graduation ceremony was held for them. This event was held right after they were released out of the UPI Gymnasium. Located at the UPI Isola Resort, the younger students welcomed and gave their last gift of happiness to the graduates.

Mr. Wahyudin, MT. as representatives of the Department of Computer Science Education lecturers were also present to enliven the event with the theme “Spread your Wings and Fly”. We hope that the graduates will be able to flap their wings further and fly towards the success of the world and the hereafter.