First Phase Graduation Ceremony of Computer Science Education Department 2022

by: Depilkom UPI    03/03/2022 22:29:00

Wednesday, February 23, 2022, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia held the Phase I Graduation event in 2022. This is a hybrid event and broadcast live on YouTube TVUPI Digital. At this Graduation Phase I, the Computer Science Education Department graduated 9 graduates.

Picture 1. Photo Session

In order to congratulate the graduates, BEM Kemakom FPMIPA UPI held a separate event on Sunday, February 27, 2022. This event is held online and attended by the graduates, lecturer, and the graduates’ parents.

This Graduation Phase I event is similar to the Graduation Phase III last year, where the activity was opened with the reading of the Holy Quran and speeches. After the opening session, the graduates read the profession pledge led by  Enjun Junaeti, M.Si. as the Secretary of Computer Science Education Department. Moreover, the graduates also got gifts from BEM Kemakom as a memory.

The committee also awarded nominations consisting of three categories, which were won by:
The best thesis: Yayang Sri Marlina S.Pd.
The highest GPA: Dina Dwi Handayani  S.Pd.
The youngest graduates: Muhammad Habib Ibnu Hidayatullah S.Pd.

Congratulations to the graduates who have successfully earned their bachelor’s degrees. May it be a bright start to the next journey.

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Writer: Zahra Hanifa