2nd Period Online Graduation Ceremony of Computer Science Education Department Students

by: Depilkom UPI    25/06/2020 05:06:47

Greetings from Rektor UPI. Prof. Dr. H. M. Solehuddin, M.Pd., M.A.

Wednesday, June 24 2020, was a blissful and emotional day because the Computer Science Education Department officially sent off 22 graduates. Even in a pandemic situation, with the utilization of online application zoom.us, the graduation ceremony that was held from 09.00 a.m and attended by about 1228 graduates of Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia was going reverent.

The graduates attended in the graduation ceremony throughout zoom.us application

In this graduation ceremony, the Computer Science Education Department sent off 8 students of Computer Science Education Program and 14 students of Computer Science Program.

“Alhamdulillah, I was happy because finally I have graduated but I feel a little sad too, because the graduation ceremony can’t be like usual. Today must be the first time my parents can come to Bumi Siliwangi, today must be the enlightening moment for my parents because one of five from their children can reach bachelor’s degree. But even though it was an online graduation, it’s not decrease the bliss and pride of my parents. I hope and pray for the graduates that this degree can be a blessing and grace to practice knowledge that they get during college or outer college,” says Rahman Abdul Razak, graduates from Computer Science 2015 generation, when asking his impression and message about the 2nd Term Online Graduation Ceremony.

“The impression (of graduation this time) was different, I was sad but I got so much wisdom and the graduation itself has become a proof that everything we belief is bad is not necessarily bad for God, and what is good to us is not necessarily good to God either, and Allah always know what is the best for his believer. I have some words for my junior, do your best at everything you do, don’t be careless, this is a message from me as a graduate college, but it doesn’t mean you have to force yourself, please love and respect yourself. To the graduates, keep do your best, don’t forget the thing that have made you come this far, keep going, and fighting!” said Imam Muhammad Maulana, graduates from Computer Science Education 2015 generation.

To celebrate the success of the graduates of the Department of Computer Science Education, BEM Kemakom prepared a celebration for them. We hope this will at least entertain the graduates who will go through a new journey after college.

Congratulations to all the graduates. A long journey through career has just begun. May success and blessing always approach each and every step with value.