Workshop on Writing Articles of PTK/KTI Results for Teachers

by: Depilkom UPI    16/07/2020 19:02:29

         This workshop was held for 5 days starting on July 16, 2020 until July 22, 2020. On the first day, there were four competent resource persons, the first was Drs. Asep Suhanggan, M.Pd (Head of GTK) who explained the policies of teachers in West Java. Then, Dr. Enjang Ali Nurdin, M.Kom explained the theory of PTK and KTI for teachers. In the afternoon session, Dr. Renny Sofiraeni, M.Pd explained many things related to the components of the PTK / KTI article and assessment, followed by material on how to submit articles to a journal (Open Journal System) by Rasim, M.T. Event details can be seen in the table below. The workshop was attended by more than 40 teachers/prospective teachers from various regions (Bangka Belitung, Aceh, West Java and East Java). The output from this workshop is expected to produce articles that meet all the assessment components or qualify to get credit scores for teachers. For further information, appropriate articles will be published in the National Journal “Computer Teacher Journal (JGrKom)” at, which is one of the journals published by the Computer Science Education Department, FPMIPA, UPI.